Melamine Cabinets

Melamine Cabinets

Give your commercial space a professional, uniform finish while protecting your bottom line, choose melamine cabinets. In Austin, TX, businesses and organizations rely on our team for competitive prices and exceptional installation services for custom cabinetry made from melamine. Melamine is a type of laminate made by sealing a wood substrate between paper saturated with thermally fused melamine resin. The paper can be printed with virtually any color or pattern, opening up a world of design possibilities. Furthermore, the melamine itself is colorfast, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. Here are a few more reasons why business owners appreciate melamine cabinets: 

Uniform Finish: Since this cabinet style is manufactured in a controlled environment, it is easy to ensure an entirely consistent finish. 

Affordable Price: Melamine is an inexpensive option compared to solid wood, allowing you to reserve more money for other renovations. 

Versatility: No matter what kind of look you want to achieve, there are melamine cabinets to complement it.

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